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Virtual Office in Greece

Virtual Office in Greece

With a virtual office in Athens, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Our company has vast experience in company formation services and virtual office services. The virtual office package provided by CompanyFormationGreece.com contains:

  1.    prestigious business address in Athens that can be used for corresponding with clients and business partners;
  2.    registered office, which is necessary for establishing a Greek company;
  3.   mail collection and forwarding – mail is collected, packages are signed for and sent to you according to your instructions either by mail, fax or email;
  4.    incoming and outgoing faxes – use our local fax number and we’ll collect and send faxes to you, wherever you are;
  5.    a local phone number in Athens, necessary for when partners and clients will contact you;
  6.    voice mailbox – a service through which all your received voice messages will be forwarded to you by email.

What are the costs for a Greek virtual office?

The virtual office package is affordable for all investors, especially for those who do not dispose of a large capital in the beginning of their business operations. The greatest advantage of a virtual office refers to the fact that the investors will avoid most of the costs associated with opening a company in Greece

Even though businessmen will still have to pay registration fees charged by local institutions, fees for obtaining licenses, the costs for registering a company type of their preference (the costs will vary based on the required capital), they will avoid a part of the initial costs, as they will not have to rent a traditional business office or buy an available office space

Some of the costs that will not apply when selecting the services of a virtual office in Greece refer to utility costs – signing contracts with services providers such as telecommunications, internet, electricity and others will not be a concern for a businessman who will operate through the services of a virtual office

This is given by the fact that the investors will benefit from all the necessary basic services that are required for any business that will establish its office in a virtual office. The investor will simply have to pay a monthly fee, charged at a very low value, and no other actions have to be taken after this. In the list below, our team of consultants in company registration in Greece presents some of the costs you can expect to pay: 

  • • the lowest monthly fee you can be charged with for the services of a virtual office in Athens, Greece, is of EUR 45, and this is applicable for those who only need a business address for company formation in Greece(it doesn’t include other services);
  • virtual offices located closer to the city center, situated in a region that is less than 2 km away from the center, can cost around EUR 70 per month;
  • • a virtual office package which provides more services, including access to various networking events, can cost EUR 112 per month;
  • • if you opt to benefit from a private office, along with all other virtual office services that are available, you can pay a fee of EUR 188 per month;
  • • you must know that the private office can be available for you for a period of 5-8 days per month (depending on the selected services provider), and these days can be used for meeting with important business partners, for instance. 

What does the virtual office full package contain? 

In many cases, local and foreign businessmen want to simply have a business address, obtained through the services of a virtual office, in order to satisfy the minimum conditions for setting up a company in Greece

However, many of the investors who opt for the services of a Greek virtual office will want to obtain the full package services, which provides the largest array of services useful for a business. This is generally necessary for investors who want to use the office for meetings with partners, clients, employees and other parties. 

Also, it is necessary for those who have many business activities or who expect to have a large volume of work. Therefore, in such cases it is best and even necessary to select the full package services, which offers many advantages, including a minimum number of days when the investor can use the physical office for various business activities (the private physical office). 

Typically, these packages grant access to the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on the selected services provider, businessmen can be asked to sign a contract for a period of 6 months, although contracts on a month-to-month basis are also available. 

It is also worth knowing that you are allowed to change the office, if the services provider has another center somewhere else in the city or in another city that investors may think is more suitable for their business activity. 

If the business address is modified, it is important to know that the Greek company registration institutions have to be contacted in order to report this change. Our consultants can help you complete any formality concerning changes brought to the initial process of company registration in Greece

What are the advantages of a virtual office in Greece?

The virtual office is an attractive way to kickstart a business that is in its developing phases. It is not simply a way to obtain a business address in Greece, it can also be the ideal vehicle for those who do not have an extensive experience in running a business and who can, thus, avoid the risks associated with starting a company. 

It provides a high level of flexibility and the company’s owner can modify the services that he or she selected from one month to another, depending on the developments that appear in the daily life of the business.

For instance, if you did not request a phone number in Greece, but you have managed to establish numerous business partnerships here, or if you have expanded your clientele basis in Greece, a phone number can become a feature that will be important for your business. 

Another important matter that we want to point out is that you can sign a contract for the services of a virtual office in Greece for minimum one month, and thus you do not have to make a long-term commitment, which can be the case of a traditional office space, where rental contracts are signed for a long period of time, typically of one year at least. 

This feature is possible so that investors can opt for various services depending on their current needs. Another matter is that a virtual office in Greece is ideally suited for those who do not need or want to gather a team of employees to work in the same space. Online businesses can benefit greatly from this advantage. 

If you want to open a company in Greece and you need to hire employees, our consultants can provide more details on the types of employment contracts that are available in this country; our team can help you decide on a contract type that will be most suitable for the activity of your employees.  

Please request more details on the full list of extra services that you can obtain when operating through a virtual office in Greece. Our team of consultants can help you open a company in Greece and obtain the most suitable package for your business activity, so please send your inquiries to us and we’ll gladly help you. 

What are the services offered by a receptionist in Greece? 

A receptionist is the person who will handle all the calls received from your business partners and other third parties. Not all virtual package services owners have a receptionist – the basic package does not include this service, which is generally included in the standard or the professional services packages. 

If you select one of the 2, you can benefit from the services of receptionist, who is a trained professional who answers phone calls on behalf of your company, as per the instructions provided by the business owner. 

The receptionist can provide any of the following services: 

  1. recording the messages you received from any party and then send them to you via SMS or e-mail or directly by phone call; 
  2. informing you when you receive a live phone call and putting you on contact with the respective person for a direct conversation; 
  3. booking various appointments on your behalf;
  4. for out-of-office hours, you can benefit from a recorded message if you select the option for an individual phone number that can be used by your company. 

What are costs of a virtual office in Thessaloniki, Greece? 

Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece, and many investors opt to open a Greek companyhere, as the city is very well developed from any economic point of view and there are many business opportunities here. 

Considering that Thessaloniki is a smaller city compared to Athens, there are fewer options for a virtual office and such, the prices for renting the services of a virtual office can be higher than the ones in Athens (they can vary from EUR 70 to EUR 90 for the basic services). 

As such, when comparing the costs for a virtual office, Athens is a better investment, as the prices are lower and virtual office providers offer the possibility to select more services at more convenient prices. If you need information on other cities where you can rent the services of a Greek virtual office, you can rely on our team of Greek company formation specialists

Additional services offered by our team are the following: dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number, call redirecting – specialized technology enables call redirection to your primary number, collection of bank statements and the extra usage of the meeting room.

If you want to open a business in Greece and you need a virtual office, please contact our team of company formation specialists and you will receive specialized assistance in this matter.