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Open a Joint Stock Company in Greece

Open a Joint Stock Company in Greece

Greece provides several types of companies, the same that can be incorporated in other European countries (however, differences can appear in terms of capital, number of shareholders, residency requirements, etc.). One of these company types is the joint stock company in Greece

Investors can open a joint stock company in Greece if they want to set up a large business, with many employees and which requires a large capital. If you need assistance in the registration process, our team of Greek company formation specialistsremain at your service. 

What are the characteristics of the Greek joint stock company? 

The joint stock company is known as company limited by shares or, in GreekAnonymous Eteria (A.E.). This legal entity is the most complex corporate structure that can be set up in Greece and this is why it is recommended for large businesses.  

The advantage of this legal entity is that, just like in the case of the limited liability company, the investors benefit from limited liability against corporate debts. However, this company type requires a large capital deposit. Some of its main characteristics are presented below: 

  • • investors can open a company in Greece as an A.E. if they can subscribe a minimum share capital of EUR 25,000;
  • • this company can be founded by 1 shareholder (who can be an individual or another company);
  • • for the management of the company, it is necessary to appoint a board of directors, which must be comprised of minimum 3 members; 
  • • the company must obtain a VAT number, which is comprised of the country code “EL”, followed by 9 digits; 
  • • the current standard VAT rate charged to corporate entities is 24%.

Establish a joint stock company in Greece – the main registration steps 

In order to open a company in Greece as an A.E., investors must first gather the necessary documentation required by the local authorities. For this, a registration file must be prepared, and here, you can rely on the professional incorporation services of our team of consultants in company formation in Greece

The company gains legal personality through its statutory documents – the articles of association. As per the applicable legislation, the articles of association have to be drawn and signed in front of a public notary. Prior to this, our team can help you draw up the documentation by including the required provisions in accordance with the commercial legislation

The identity documents of the founders must be added to the file, as well as any immigration documents issued by the Greek authorities for foreign founders (these requirements vary based on the nationality of the investors).  

An important matter to be clarified since the initiation of the process for company registration in Greece is the trading name of the legal entity, which has to be unique at a national level. The approved company name has to be registered with the Commercial Registry. 

Further on, the legal entity must be registered with the same institution, which will issue a registration certificate. It is also required to obtain a Tax Identification Number and make the necessary arrangements to register the company with the Greek tax authorities

Our team can represent investors in this procedure through the power of attorney, a service which is offered for all other stages of the registration. Our specialists will help you obtain the Greek Tax Identification Number, which is required for many online procedures completed on the platforms of the Greek institutions

We invite you to contact our consultants if you want to set up a joint stock company in Greece, a legal entity that is set up in accordance with the Law 4548/2018. We can also provide legal representation during the setup of a corporate bank account, another mandatory procedure during the incorporation process.